The Unplugged Alpha

The Unplugged Alpha is a show hosted by Richard Cooper (Entrepreneurs in Cars). In this show, he takes calls and questions from people BEFORE they make really bad choices in life.

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2 days ago

This show will be dedicated to the idea men often table of moving in with a girlfriend, the pros/cons and if it's a good idea or not...

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Learn the best bio hacks that fix all your sleep issues.

Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

Given that I have a chapter in 'The Unplugged Alpha' on why smart men don't marry, I'll be reacting to Dr. Jordan B Petersons 3 part series on DW+ encouraging men to 'man up' and marry. Let's see if he can change my mind on marriage...

Friday Nov 18, 2022

Lets talk about 'passport bros' and the strategy they use to move overseas for 'better women' and where they keep going wrong

Monday Nov 07, 2022

Let's take a look at some "honest" feminists skit from Jubilee titled 'If Feminists were 100% Honest', and react to what they about the following statements: I have slut shamed someone I've used my sexuality for personal gain Not all women should be believed Canceling men is necessary for progress Abortion is murder, and I still support it The future isn't female Source:

Monday Oct 31, 2022

DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is an extremely popular show on Netflix right now, so lets talk about why women love convicted felons, and criminals, like Jeffery Dahmer. Summary It's evolutionary difficult to be a criminal, so there's a desire to be with one, for survival reasons Most onlookers during trials are women Love letters to Jeffery Dahmer: Woman loves Nicholas Cruz: Chris Watts gets love letters in prison: Women fascinated by murderers:

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

My guest today is sharing his story about a divorce from an eastern European woman, that lied, cheated, and stole his kids from him. Hit subscribe, and the 'notify me' button to watch live, and ask questions. Kevins Go Fund Me:

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

In this show we take a look at a few articles from women, explaining why they are pulling out or limiting dating... Watch live at 8pm EST

Sunday Oct 09, 2022

My pregnant guest joins me today to talk about her cheating husband, what I think of the situation, if she is being unreasonable, and what she can do to repair trust

Friday Sep 30, 2022

Would you share your wife AND your finances with your wifes boyfriend?


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